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revealing a much thinner久久精品人人做人人爽电影

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revealing a much thinner久久精品人人做人人爽电影

I awoke the next morning after the savage fucking my new Dragon master had administered to me the previous night, feeling surprisingly alive and content, except for a gentle rumbling in my stomach. But that was before I noted my new master was gone! I started walking out to the mouth of the cave, before I heard the sound of a Dragon landing. I crawled back to where I had been sleeping and waited patiently in the torchlight that still burned from the previous night. “Good morning Elric.” The Dragon said in that low rumble that still sent the most sensuous shivers down my spine. “Good morning master.” I replied and, being slightly daring asked, “What is your real name master?” (I was so curious since last night he had asked mine.) He looked at me surprised but still answered, “My name is Roland.” “Master Roland,” I whimpered in the best submissive voice I could, “I am really hungry for breakfast…” At this, Roland smiled and gave a cavernous thunder of a laugh. “Is that so Elric? Well, luckily for you, I’ve invited someone to the cave that can help with that exact problem.” A loud THUD told me the timing couldn’t have been better; I heard the sound of folding wings; another set of strong legs walking toward our torch lit room; Roland flicking out his tongue to trace down my spine; its roughness sending shivers and tingles to flutter around my body. “His name is Artimus… But you shall refer to him as master, do you understand me bitch boy?” Roland growled. I nodded. “Say it out loud bitch boy!” he growled loudly, spanking my naked ass with that wonderful black, shiny, and scaly tail. “Yes master yes”! I screamed back with a groan of pleasure; that wonderful stinging feeling on my ass where a mark was left gave me chills. “Good.” He purr/roared; obviously pleased. “Good morning Roland, is this the new bitch boy you got?” Artimus, the new arrival asked from the shadows; the only thing I could see of him was his luminous yellow eyes that were scanning me hungrily. “I’ve had that… craving… You know the one.” Roland grinned; showing those sharp glimmering teeth that had been embedded in me the night before, and that I longed to have pierce me again. “Don’t worry; he survived the night with me. You can make this little slut do anything you want.” Artimus finally stepped into the light, and I could see the smile on his face, and the glimmer of navy blue scales; dark on top, but turning robins egg blue on his underbelly, lighten even more as they got closer and closer to the beauty I knew was hidden underneath a wonderful sheath. Artimus saw where I was looking and grinned, very pleased. “You’re a rather eager fuck toy aren’t you?” “Yes master Artimus.” I replied, trying to play the perfect slave. “He was just saying how hungry he was, and that he needed breakfast, why don’t you feed him, so I can show you how good he truly is?” Roland asked coyly. “Don’t mind if I do…” Artimus replied, leaning back on his thin but muscular hind legs, showing his balls and sheath to me. “Come and eat…” I crawled toward him on all fours, the cold rocky floor against my knees, smelling that sweet musk that wafted from both of the horny, insatiable beasts around me.Finally reaching my new master, I popped my ass in the air, wriggling it for his pleasure as I licked over his sheath, plunging my tongue down inside it to pull it in long strokes over his cat-like barbed tip, making sure to massage those two glorious balls larger than the hands that were massaging them. “Oh… Roland you weren’t joking.” Smoke was drifting up from Artimus’s nostrils; a sure sign he was thoroughly enjoying himself. “Just be careful, once you start it will take quite a bit for you to stop Artimus.” Roland replied, flicking his tongue out to lap around my little opening, making me clench and shudder. Artimus’s cock had finally started to unsheathe, revealing a much thinner, but much longer cock than Roland had to offer. I ran my tongue down its 18 inch length, enjoying that three inches of width before I felt claws dig into my back and neck, slight streams of blood dripping down, and was feeling that very cock plunged down into my throat by force; his hot throbbing meat stretching my throat to full capacity. I let out gag after gag as Artimus held me there; not giving me any mercy; forcing me to take that delicious cock. “You choke on my cock you fucking whore!” he roared, shaking the cave and everything inside me. I nodded up at my master, eyes watering, and he pulled back just enough so I could breath before he was fucking my throat hard and strong; pushing past places a cock should have never reached, but secretions from the hard slab of meat that was skewering my throat seemed to keep me from gagging over the edge. I felt my ass get a hard clawed smack from behind; Roland was enjoying the show, and had definitely decided to join in; taking two of his monstrous claws and pressing them deep into my ass with little resistance; I was dripping wet from excitement.“That’s right you slut, take these claws up your ass!”The claws in my back and neck sank in deeper as he held his cock down in my throat so it was totally clogged and unable to move and even swallow, before he pumped me full of that delicious load that forced my stomach to bulge until the excess came running through my intestines to fly out of my ass around Roland’s claws.Artimus jerked out of me quickly; his oversensitive throbbing member twitching as I tried desperately to regain my breath. “Full now? Or do you want more fuck toy?”“More masters, please, can both of you feed me?” I asked,永久免费观看国产裸体美女 my throat hurting from the intense fucking I had received, but the magical properties of dragon cum soothing my injuries.Both of my dragon masters gave a roaring laugh.“Why of course whore, we’d love to… Artimus, how long has it been since you were taken? The boy IS rather good at that too?” Roland asked.“Too long… Let him try if he can…” Artimus replied, truning around and present an extremely small and tight (especially for a dragon) asshole, tail in the air. I waddled forward, cum still sloshing around in my stomach and stroked my raging cock as I plunged my tongue deep into his asshole, tasting and feeling the velvety smoothness of Dragon insides as Roland partook of the flavors of my ass as well, that over rough tongue flinging me into orgasm after orgasm. When Artimus’s backpedaling in pleasure had finally hit a danger point. I grabbed onto those navy blue haunches in front of me and with a quick blow penetrated into that breathtaking tightness with many a shiver and groan. Roland gave me no time, quickly mounting me and imbedding that monstrous 15 inches long, four inch around monster inside of my ass. I felt like I was going into shock; my body had run cold, my inner opening pierced with Roland churning my intestine as he pounded me, making my pound into Artimus. Artimus let out growl after growl that shook my entire body making my cock vibrate hard; I soon was cumming from the insane abuse my prostate was taking, and Artimus let out a solid groan of pleasure at having his insides pumped with cum. Artimus pulled back, and pressed my head down hard against his ass. “Eat that cum you fucking worthless whore!”I did as my master commanded as my insides were mercilessly abused by Roland. Artimus quickly pressed his muzzle hard against my face then forcing his rough tongue down my throat to lick at the cum I was trying to swallow, lapping at it as I gagged desperately. Roland whipped his tail around to slap my ass hard and make it clench around his dick, his balls slapping into mine so hard mine started to sting in the best of ways.Roland couldn’t hold it in anymore; he gushed; forcing cum to flood through my body the other way; my eyes widening and rolling into the back of my head as Roland’s cum escaped my mouth and entered Artimus’s.We were all panting desperately; Roland pulled out of me, and even Artimus gave me a break so I could sit in the huge puddle of smoke-barbeque flavored cum my masters had provided for my breakfast.“Th… thank you masters…” I barely stuttered; I was horribly dizzy and barely able to see.“No one said you could talk bitch boy!” Artimus growled, truly scaring me. He whirled me around and, laying on his back, impaled me on his enormous cock. I could see the look in his eyes; the same look Roland had given me, the look of not being able to stop. My balls stung as I was forced to ride him, his claws pressed into my flesh at my waist so I could be lifted up and down. He pressed past my inner opening and buried himself in my intestines even farther than Roland had; I thought I would surely die, but the pain was to ecstatic to refuse. Orgasms quickly overwhelmed me, pre cum dripping out of my throbbing member. Roland came up and quickly pressed his muzzle against Artimus’s opening; forcing his tongue deep into the blue dragon as I watched the lovely black and blue orgasmic collision of scales in front of me like gorgeous erotic fireworks in the torchlight. I was becoming almost to dizzy to tell where I was, and being whirled into reverse cowboy didn’t help steady my vision; more orgasms took me.“Stoke my cock with those feet you slut!” I heard Roland roar, slapping my face hard enough to release a scream; one of many I had been firing off this whole time making my throat sore and hoarse.“You heard your master!” Artimus chimed in. “You fucking do it worthless fuck toy! Massage my balls too!”I did as my masters told me; reaching out with my feet to stroke on the monstrosity that erupted from the black sheath, and rubbing sensuously over the robins egg blue balls that lied beneath me. The submission was electrifying; I NEEDED to do what my masters asked me. Artimus absolutely churned and destroyed my insides with abandon, roaring and shooting flames from his mouth as he released his load that came flying through me and again out of my mouth to completely drenching me in cum, right as Roland fired off his load, coating Artimus and me in delicious cream. I rested on Artimus’s belly as his oversensitive dick throbbed hard inside me, lifting my entire body up with every twitch, before it finally slipped out of me and returned to its sheath. Roland slapped my ass with his tail to get me up and moving. “Who said you were done bitch boy?”“Oh Roland, it’s been so long I couldn’t do more if I wanted to.” Artimus replied, sighing happily.“So I take it he will suit our plans well?” Roland asked.“Oh you weren’t lying; he WILL do perfectly for our plans…” Artimus purr/roared. “I’ll do my best to go fly off now and gather the rest.” Artimus, looking back at the fuck toy he had just enjoyed, walked out of the cave, though he really hadn’t wanted to. Roland walked up to Elric, who had finally absorbed the magic Dragon seed into his system and was recovering slightly. “Let us sleep again little friend.” He purred, curling his tail around Elric and pulling him close to that scaled body. “You have more in store for you than you could ever believe…”“What’s going on Roland?” I asked my master. He looked down at me with an odd expression on his face. “You will see little one. And may I ask, what is it you like to eat for breakfast usually? You may not be feasting like that every day.” Surprised at the question, and swearing that I again saw a blush on the Dragon’s face I replied, “Scrambled eggs are pretty good.” Roland smiled; “That I could manage, now get some rest little one, you still have a lot ahead of you today…” Roland used his tail to bring a tired Elric toward him. And in the closest thing that a Dragon and a boy can come to a cuddle, they both drifted off, waiting for Artimus to return with even more surprises.



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