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turning to look at me久久久国产乱子伦精品

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turning to look at me久久久国产乱子伦精品

Authors Note:The author does not condone any form of non-consensual sex. This is a fictional story, and should not be acted out in whole or part without the willing consent of all.Warning:This story contains adult content including incestuous non-consensual sodomy and fellatio. As well as male masturbation. If you don't enjoy this kind of smut, please choose another story. 8========D It was a shitty day. My attempts at finding a job had proved to be as pointless as vacuuming the lawn. I’d just wanted something that paid enough to get the fuck out of my parent's house and stop dating Rosie palm. As I turned onto my street I was glad to see my parent's car wasn't in the driveway. I DVR'd one of my favorite movies last night. It was one of those B movies where the bimbos drop their tops every time they turn around. This one had a fairly decent plot and I desperately needed the stress relief. Mom had been staying up late and dad was getting up early so I hadn't had a chance to even jack off for a few weeks.I went into the house, made some popcorn, poured myself a drink, and sat down in my recliner to watch Bikini Bistro. I slid my pants down and began to lightly rub my penis to get it hard. I know the scene I wanted to cum to. About halfway into the movie, one girl gets naked against a tree. I have a thing for sex in the woods. I figured with the lack of nookie I had experienced since moving back in with my folks that I would have to be careful of cumming too soon.I was about 15 minutes into it, lightly stroking my cock when I heard a car door close. Knowing I only had only seconds, I grabbed a blanket and threw it over myself. I went to grab the remote to change the show, but I dropped it. I reached down for it and was just able to sit back up and adjust the blanket over myself when the door opened. Unfortunately, my mom walked in just as the waitresses were changing into their uniforms. Lots of close-ups of tits and ass. She had a disgusted look on her face and began to bitch me out for watching such degrading, demeaning, anti-woman smut. I sat there silently, the movie still playing and my dick, for some reason, was getting harder and demanding attention.Just to be ornery I left the movie on to piss her off. Mom stormed over to the TV and shut it off. She then pulled some cables from the DVR and stormed into her bedroom, slamming the door. I was infuriated. I got up, pulled up my pants, and burst into her room without knocking. Mom was standing there in the process of unbuttoning her blouse.She turned toward me "You come into my bedroom unannounced!", she yelled while glaring furiously at me."Give me the goddamned cable!", I growled in reply."Fuck off you pervert!", she snarled, "now get out so I can change, I only have a few minutes before I need to leave to meet your father.""I don't give a rats ass about your fucking parties, I'm not leaving until you give me the motherfuckin' TV cable.""Listen, you piece of shit, I'm gonna change. If you want to stand there and watch your mother get undressed and redressed, then you're not just a pervert, you're a sick animal that doesn't have a single redeeming human trait and you will no longer be my son. Now get the fuck out asshole." Then completely ignoring me she turned back toward her dresser and finished unbuttoning her blouse.At this point久久久国产乱子伦精品, I began to see red and my dick久久久国产乱子伦精品, for some reason, was harder than it had ever been in my life. Mom slipped out of her blouse and dropped it into her laundry basket. Her bra was, well being a single guy, all I can say is H - O - T, hot. The cups containing her above-average tits were low cut and made of thin material. I could easily see her large areola which had always turned me on and her nipples were erect and at least a ½ inch long.Mom continued to ignore me and began to unzip her skirt, completely ignoring the fact that her son was standing several feet away. This was enraging me even more than the fighting and insults. As she lowered her skirt, her feminine lacy panties came into view. The panties matched the bra, something I’d always found erotic. I also noticed an honest to God garter belt. The garter belt was attached to some thigh high stockings and the panties were actually under the straps of the garter.At this point I was so enraged I wanted to physically attack her. I took three steps closing the gap between us and grabbed her arm, not knowing what I was going to do. I spun her around to face me and said "Shit bitch! You piss and moan about me watching a movie where bimbos take off their clothes because it's degrading to women. Yet, here you are stripping in front of your son. You're no better than any of those whores! Now I'm gonna do to you what I wanted to do to them. So I guess it's time that I do, to a bimbo, what I always wanted to." Mom opened her mouth to speak and I smacked her in the face. "One word out of your cock sucking face hole, and you will regret being born a female," I snarled at her.Mom tried to pull her arm out of my vice-like grip, but I was too enraged. She looked petrified, but I didn't care. I looked into her eyes and smiled cruelly. I grabbed a pair of scissors from the small writing desk she used to send out thank you notes to her society friends. Using the scissors, I indulged in one of my favorite fantasies. I began to cut her bra off her body as she whimpered, "please don't do this," almost inaudibly.I backhanded her across her face. "Speak again and you will regret learning how to use that mouth for anything other than pleasuring a man!" I screamed at her, spittle flying out of my mouth and hitting her in the face. A single tear formed and started to run down her cheek. I was thoroughly enjoying the control and domination of this woman who had given me nothing but grief my whole adult life. I bent down and licked the tear from her face savoring the flavor of her fear. I finished cutting the shoulder straps on her bra and then ripped it from her body leaving angry red marks on her flesh around her torso. I dropped the bra to the floor, reached up and pinched her nipples so hard that she screamed in pain. I smiled, "scream all you want because when I am finished with you, you won't be able to walk or talk for days.”Mom started crying in earnest which only fueled my desire to hurt and humiliate her. I pulled her nipples stretching her tits as far as they would go. Mom was sobbing, but I could only think about totally degrading her. I released her tits and cut her panties from her body, noticing that they were somewhat damp. I ran a finger over her nether lips. Her body shuddered when she felt me touch her most intimate spot. I looked at my finger and saw that it had collected some liquid from her pussy.This pleased me and I spun mom around and pushed her over the bed. I slapped her ass hard, making her sob more. "Bitch you better get me wet, cuz I'm gonna fuck your ass till I cum." I then dropped my pants, releasing my cock which seemed to be double its usual size. "Keep your legs straight and your face on the bed while I get my dick wet in your skank hole," I ordered her as I rammed my dick deep into her pussy. I started stroking slowly letting her natural lube get me wet, remembering the weekend I’d discovered masturbation and the resulting friction burn. “After I fill your shit hole with my cum, you're gonna lick me clean", I told her as I started to thrust a bit faster.Mom moaned when she heard this and the tears flowed faster. I tossed the scissors aside and began to rub her clit to increase the lubrication. As I looked at the mirror in her room I saw a bottle of baby oil within easy reach. I grabbed it and withdrew my shaft leaving just the head in my mom's cunt. I poured almost half the bottle on my dick and around her ass and pussy. Mom's body shuddered when the oil fell onto her skin.As I began to furiously thrust into her, I began to finger her puckered hole, forcing oil into her. One by one I added fingers until I was two knuckles deep with three fingers. I slowly fucked her ass with my fingers letting her mentally prepare for the invasion of my cock.I pulled my slimy cock from the hole I was pulled out of all those years ago and mercilessly drove my raging hard-on into her bowels."PLEASE NO!" screamed mom as she felt my cock invade her bowels. "No one has ever done that to me, please don't...stop", she whined as I began to thrust.My balls were slapping her cunt as my shaft began to slide out of her tight asshole. "I warned you not to speak twice already", I said harshly. "Now you have to pay for your stupidity and disobedience.""But...but I'm your mother. How can you treat me like this?" she asked, turning to look at me, her mascara and eye shadow streaking down her face from the tears she had been crying.Seeing my always fastidious, perfectly coiffed, fashionably chic, impeccably groomed, smartly manicured, exquisitely made, always in control, society bitch of a mother transformed into a slovenly street whore from the low rent side of the tracks turned me on immeasurably. I began to slam my cock into her tight virgin ass, "Take my fucking dick you sorry excuse of a cunt. You stuck up society whore, ride your son's dick. Feel him grow more erect in your ass as he pumps into you. Since you’ve decided that you were no longer my mother, I won't treat you like a mother. I'll treat you like what you are, three holes, two tits, and a heartbeat, all for my salacious pleasure. You will take my cum any time, any place and in any location,特黄 做受又硬又粗又大视频 I decide."She sobbed harder at these words. Hearing her cries grow louder drove me insane with lust. All higher brain functions stopped and I became an animal overwhelmed with lust. I drove my cock into my mother's ass relentlessly. I kept slamming into her harder and harder. As my cock kept plunging into that virgin abyss, I began to spank my mother on the outside of both her ass cheeks.My assault on her increased her wails of anguish and kept me going further into the carnal animal I had become. Her whole ass was red from my violent assault. I felt my balls boiling and I held back my release trying to think about anything except the wonderful sensations coursing through my body. One minute became two and two became three and three became excruciating as I tried to hold back the imminent explosion.I roared like a lion as my first jet of cum blasted deep into her ass. I quickly pulled out of her ass and spun her around so my second blast of cum hit her left nipple. I pushed her down, the rest of my cum would spray onto her face. She moaned softly as jet after jet of cum plastered her face and I saw her hand between her legs frigging her clit to make herself cum. I nodded pleased, knowing that she truly was a little whore and enjoyed being controlled and humiliated.Mom continued to frig herself as I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. I took several pictures of mom's face coated in my cum, making sure that you could see she was rubbing her clit. When mom realized I was taking pictures of her, she tried to get away, but I grabbed her throat."You ain't done yet fucktoy. Now you gotta lick me clean. Then I'll let you go to meet dad and his friends. If you clean my dick thoroughly I might just let you wash your face and change your dress before you leave."As mom opened her mouth to take my cock in I took more pictures. When the flash went off, she would flinch. Mom was not an experienced cocksucker. She had no clue what to do with her tongue or lips. She sucked my dick like it was a straw.After a few minutes, I looked at my watch and said, "Well, I guess I am a motherfucker now. And I think I will be one until I get tired of you." I looked down at mom, "Go get dressed but don't put on panties. I want you worried that my cum will leak out of your ass and down your leg in front of your friends."Mom silently stood up and walked into the master bathroom. She left the door open as she adjusted the water and stripped off her remaining lingerie. When she got into the glass-enclosed shower, I left her room and went into mine. I took off my cum splattered clothes and put on a robe that my last girlfriend had given me. I went back into the family room and began looking for something to watch, now that I no longer needed relief, although the thought of what had just happened had me semi-erect.I heard mom come down the stairs and try to sneak out without speaking to me. "STOP", I called out and mom froze in her tracks. I looked at her and saw she was wearing an ankle-length skirt and a high collared blouse. She reminded me of a schoolmarm in the westerns my dad made me watch when I was younger. "Let's see if the dumb cunt can follow simple instructions," I announced, staring at my mom.Mom had an expression of disgust, embarrassment, and loathing on her face but she didn't move. I could see a strange glint in her eyes showing she was enjoying the way I was treating her. Surprisingly, so was I. I had always tried to be gallant and gentlemanly to ladies. Maybe it was time to start treating them like skanks and whores.Standing up I took one step toward her and said in my most commanding tone of voice "Show me now or I will cut every piece of clothing you own into confetti. Then you can explain to dad why you're sucking another man's cock in your marital bed." She pulled up her skirt and I could see she was wearing pantyhose, but no panties."Well you did obey me, you slut, but you tried to be sneaky. For that, you need to be punished. Come over here, kneel in front of me and kiss my balls before you leave. Mom opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her off, "Speak and you will not like what happens," I warned her.Mom walked over to me slowly and dropped to her knees. She leaned forward and kissed the material of the robe. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair tilting her head back painfully, making her eyes meet mine as I towered over her."I said kiss my balls, not my robe. Now before you leave you will suck my dick until I cum. If you do a good enough job I'll let you swallow. Do a shitty job like before and after I cum on your face and blouse, I'll toss you out of the house."I let her hair go, mom reached up to the belt of the robe and quickly untied it. She pushed the robe open and closed her eyes as my cock entered her open mouth. Watching her do this made my semi into a full-size hard-on. As she began to try and do a decent job, I pulled out my phone and took several pictures of my mom sucking my dick. Then I switched over to video and began to record her orally pleasing her son."Do you like sucking off your son before going to your fancy parties you little slut?" I asked and Mom smiled around my shaft and nodded her head while her face was turning red. "Are you going to be a good mommy slut for your son and do whatever he tells you and whoever he tells you?" Her blush deepened and there was no response, so I smacked her face so hard it knocked her mouth off my dick.I grabbed her by the hair and said "Did I tell you to stop sucking my cock mommy whore? Did I tell you to take your son's big hard dick out of your mouth?""No" she whispered."Then what the fuck are you waiting for bitch get it back where it belongs," I told her. Mom was so scared of being struck again, she swallowed my shaft in its entirety, gagging on it. Enjoying the sensations created by her throat muscles I grabbed her head and held it in place letting her gag as I kept recording this for posterity.I began to fear mom would puke, so I let go of her head and she jerked back remembering at the last moment not to release my cock from her mouth. Keeping just the head in her mouth she was gasping for breath.Just then, my mom's cell phone rang. It was dad, I could tell by the ring-tone. I shook my head no, begging me with her eyes not to answer. When it stopped ringing, the house phone rang. I picked up "Hello.""Where the fuck is your mother?" my dad's voice boomed out of the phone. I saw mom wince when she heard dad's voice while sucking her son's cock."You know how she is pop. First, she had to whine about some bullshit or other, then she had to shower, choose an outfit, do her makeup, change her mind about her outfit, redo her makeup to match the new outfit...then on her way out the door she told me she's on this new protein diet that's all the rage with the ladies at the spa. She said she needed to get one before meeting you, she's probably sucking it down right now." Mom struggled to remain quiet as I rammed my dick down her throat."Shit, another fad diet. Damn the last one cast me like $1000 bucks a month and she looked no different after 6 months. Fuck.""I don't believe this one will be expensive pop, but it seems like she likes the flavor and will be drinking a lot of them. I don't see her giving this one up anytime soon.""GODDAMNIT!" He exclaimed. I need her to close this deal, she's the fuckin' key. This client likes her and well... Shit, I gotta go, some drunk is hitting on my client." The line went dead in my hand, and I started to laugh.Mom renewed her efforts on making me cum and in my relaxed state, I came fairly quickly. Luckily for her, I had drained my balls into her ass not too long ago, giving her the lion's share of three weeks worth of stored sperm, so mom was able to keep my whole second load in her mouth.I pulled out of mom's mouth and sat down in the recliner. She stayed put not sure what to do. "When dad falls asleep tonight, come into my room naked. And don't think that dropping a nightie at my door counts. You will leave all your clothes in your bedroom and walk down the hall naked. Not even earrings or a beret in your hair. If I'm asleep when you arrive, suck my dick until I wake up. If I'm awake, kneel beside my bed and await my instructions. Failure to comply will mean these pictures go to everyone you know."Mom nodded in understanding and I waved my hand, dismissing her. She stood up and left without another word. I started to channel surf looking for something to watch. About an hour later, I got a text message from my younger sister...Kayla: Hey, bro, I need 2 get sumting from home. I'm guna swing by @ 7Kayla: left keys @ dorm.Kayla: Plz leave back door open KKMe: kk sis. c u l8rAfter unlocking the back door, I went up to my room to get some sleep before my mom came home. I was laying in my bed naked, too restless to sleep. I got up and began to copy the pics and vid from my phone to my computer, and backed them up on my Google drive. Once that was done I decided to watch the video I had made. After watching the video a few times, I started to go through the pics. I hadn't realized how many I had taken or how hot mom looked with her makeup smeared all over her face, her hair tousled, her eyes red from crying. I was getting hard again reliving what had happened.I was debating if I should rub one out now, or wait for mom's sweet pussy. My dick was screaming for both. I had just taken my hard cock in my hand when I heard the back door open and close. "Bro, you here" came my sister's voice. A wicked idea crept into my mind. "Hey sis, I'm in my room and I need a hand with something..."8========D Whether or not you liked this story, please let me know. I don't get paid to write. Your comments, votes, likes, follows, and shares is what encourages me to continue writing. Feedback is a gift, and I like gifts.

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