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and another久久精品中文字幕无码绿巨人

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and another久久精品中文字幕无码绿巨人

*All characters in this fictional story are over 18 years of age!*College had just begun a few weeks before, and Diane was finally getting into the swing of things. The pace was very different from high school, but not in a bad way since she was responsible for scheduling her classes. Although she would have preferred to spend all her time pleasing the inventive twins, the two were currently preparing for football season, and their trysts together had become sporadic at best. To make matters worse, most of the boys in her classes were timid and seemed to be focused on getting good grades. It was because of the lack of attention that she was delighted when one of the girls in her algebra class invited her to apply at one of the sororities. Jeanine was a cute girl and full of energy so it would have been difficult to say no, and Diane felt excited to be a part of a group. Jeanine did warn her that initiation could be embarrassing, but she quickly added it would be worth it, unaware that Diane’s pussy began to moisten at the thought. They made plans to meet at the sorority house on Saturday night and went their separate ways. By the time the weekend finally arrived Diane was literally dripping in anticipation. It had been almost ten days since her last encounter with the twins, and the idea of being initiated into the sorority had her imagination running wild. She had fantasies of being spanked with a large paddle or being made to suck off boys to prove her allegiance. Just the idea of such treatment had her flicking her clit till all hours of the morning, and now it was finally time to go. She arrived exactly on time as to not show how eager she really was. Jeanine was already present and led her around to make introductions to the other pledges and leaders within the sorority. Shelia was the president of the group, and Diane was fascinated by her. At 5’7”, she was tall and her muscles well defined from playing sports her first three years of college. Her long blond hair hung halfway to her waist, and she had a presence about her that commanded attention. She smiled and welcomed Diane with a firm handshake before moving away, leaving the freshman a bit breathless. Jeanine giggled at her reaction and grabbed her hand to lead her to the punch table. The first taste of the elixir made Diane cough at the amount of alcohol in it, and the other girls around the table laughed at her inexperience with drinking. She blushed brightly,but her body reacted as expected with a warm tingle radiating through her groin.“HEY!” a stocky girl with short dark hair yelled above the voices from the stairs and everyone looked her way. “We’re ready to start, so pledges are required to keep quiet. Do not speak unless you are asked a direct question. If you disobey, you will be escorted out immediately and barred from the house.” This brought a complete hush among the pledges, and the stocky girl looked behind her further up the stairs and nodded to someone out of sight. Diane watched the top of the stairs as a set up heels emerged followed by bare legs until a short leather skirt came into view. Slowly, Shelia made her way down the steps, revealing her new wardrobe. Her leather bustier matched the short skirt, and her breasts practically spilled out the top of it. Diane’s heart seemed to skip a beat because Sheila was carrying a short leather riding crop to complete the ensemble. “Pledges!” Shelia said in a curt voice, “We will only accept the most loyal and determined of you. At any time if you cannot proceed, you will be escorted from the house and asked to never return. Do you understand?” There was a spattering of indistinguishable answers and the upper class students, who had positioned themselves within the crowd of pledges sprang into action. “THE CORRECT ANSWER IS YES MA’AM!” They all screamed in unison at the younger girls nearest them. Some of the pledges immediately repeated the phrase while others looked shocked and fell silent. “I SAID,” Shelia’s voice boomed, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” Now the response was immediate and loud as the pledges answered her in unison. “Good,” Shelia took a few steps down the stairs and tapped the riding crop in her hand. “Pledges strip!” Now all the girls looked shocked and responded by covering their clothed bodies in an involuntary act that showed their disbelief. They looked around at each other to make sure they had heard correctly. All of them, except Diane. Diane was almost half undressed before the sorority members began yelling at the pledges to hurry up and get naked. She dropped her clothes to the floor, and it occurred to her that the members didn’t expect anyone to give in so quickly. They were expecting resistance, and her willingness to be naked without further prodding caught Shelia’s eye. Not surprisingly, a group of pledges headed for the door and disappeared into the night. The remaining girls continued to strip down as the sorority members alternately yelled and chided them to hurry up. Within a few minutes, half the girls had disappeared and the other half stood naked in a line before Shelia. Most of the girls stood nervously trying to cover themselves, with one hand over their exposed tits and the other blocking their pussy. Shelia made her way up and down the line of naked girls and stopped in front of Diane who was standing with her hands behind her back and legs slightly spread as the twins had taught her. Shelia smiled and reached out with the crop to flick one of her nipple rings. She let the crop end slide down Diane’s belly until it reached her bald pussy. Pushing gently, Shelia rubbed the tool against the naked girl’s clit to elicit a low moan. “Everyone gets 10 stokes with the crop,” Shelia said suddenly as she jerked away from Diane. The girl tried to keep the whip on her clit by gyrating forward but she dare not step out of line. “Who besides this slut wants to be first?” Shelia said as she pointed at Diane. She snapped the crop against her leather skirt with a loud ‘POP’ for effect. Diane stepped forward instantly, but no one else moved and Shelia smiled.“Everyone gets fifteen strokes with the crop,” Shelia said with a grin. “Who wants to be first?” With Diane being ignored, Jeanine was the first to realize the rules of the game and immediately stepped forward. “I do, Mistress,” she said stepping forward. Shelia spun on her heels and strode quickly to where Jeanine was standing. She touched the end of the crop to the bottom of the girls chin and lifted her face until Jeanine was looking into her eyes. “I’m not your Mistress, pledge,” she spat. “You have to earn that position.” Shelia stepped back, and two of the members jerked Jeanine to a low bench and forced her to kneel on it. Without a word, Shelia walked up to the bench and brought the crop down hard across the restrained girl’s ass. A red line immediately appeared on her cheeks to be followed in only a split second by another, and another, until all the fifteen strokes were doled out. The girls holding her let Jeanine go, and she tumbled off the bench and onto the floor in a crying heap. She rubbed her ass, and one of the two girls helped her up and led her to a spot away from the other pledges. The member whispered into her ear, and it seemed to calm the girl because she nodded and quit crying. “Everyone gets twenty strokes!” Shelia said as she resumed pacing in front of the line of naked co-eds, “Who wants to be first.” It took a second to register that the number of strokes had increased even though someone else had already gone first but it sank in quickly as three girls stepped forward at once to volunteer for the punishment, including Diane. “Hmmm,” Shelia mused thoughtfully, “Three at once. How should we break the tie?” She put her fingers to her forehead as if thinking what to do, but it was obvious she already had something in mind. “I’ve got it,” she said, pretending to just come up with an idea, “First one to stick two fingers in their pussy wins!” Diane immediately spread her legs and shoved her fingers into her pussy while the others looked on in dismay. “Tsk, tsk,” Shelia said, “No one else wants in at twenty strokes?” Another volunteer snapped to attention and quickly slid two fingers into her pussy as the other still stood shell shocked. “Very good!” Shelia complimented the other girl and ignored Diane. “You win the honor of only twenty strokes!” The ‘volunteer’ was lead to the bench and held in the same way as Shelia gave her twenty hard lashes even thought the girl was in tears by the second one. The pledge was then led over to stand next to Jeanine. And so it went with the remaining girls practically fighting over the chance to get cropped by the leader of the sorority. Each time a new game was introduced to humiliate the girls even further, and each time, Diane was passed over regardless of it she completed the task first or not. She was extremely frustrated and horny from the denial to get spanked, but it excited her to know the number of swats with the crop was growing. The next girl won her twenty-five strokes by grabbing a banana from the basket on a nearby table and being the first to deep throat it as the others gagged on theirs. The thirty strokes were awarded to the girl that was able to get three fingers all the way into her pussy and then lick them completely clean before the others. It made no difference in the end because at twenty strokes she fought her way off the bench and ran out of the house never to be seen again. The next event featured the comical efforts of the remaining girls trying to get two fingers up their ass. Two of the girls managed to do it almost simultaneously by lying on the floor to get enough leverage. Shelia let both of them take thirty-five strokes for their efforts. Of course, Diane had no problem with this event, and she simply lubricated her fingers first by shoving them into her soaking pussy. Still, she was ignored. More of the girls had left without going any further. They were warned against telling anyone of what they had seen with the threat of severe retaliation against all of them if any girl came forward. They all agreed without argument and seemed relieved that they were actually able to leave in one piece. With only five pledges left, it was time to up the stakes. Several members bolted the front doors and stood in front of them indicating no one else would be leaving. “Now that we’ve gotten rid of the weak bitches,” Shelia smiled wickedly, “We can get on with the real fun.” The remaining girls shivered at the way she said it, and now some of them were beginning to regret trying to get into a sorority even though this one was considered the best on campus. The need to be with the in crowd had outweighed the pain, but now it seemed the price might be too high. “Since you have all come this far, I will give you a choice,” Shelia said as she strode back and forth in front of the girls. She reached to the side of her skirt and tugged the zipper to let the leather fall over her hips and to the floor. As expected, she was wearing a leather thong that highlighted her tanned ass. “Instead of battling each other for the next round of swats, how about we let you girls work together on a task and all receive forty?” All the girls immediately nodded their approval and Shelia smiled.“Excellent,” she said, “We’ll start with you two.” She pointed to two girls that had obviously come together. They were standing so close that they touched at the shoulder as if the comfort each other. Both had the same dyed blond hair that was cut short, and even their pussy hair was waxed into the same heart shape. “Are you girlfriends?” Shelia asked the closest girl. “Y, yes,” the pledge stammered, “We are best friends.” Shelia rolled her eyes and then took a step forward toward them causing the girls to instinctively cower back. “I mean are you ‘girlfriends’?” Shelia emphasized the word, and the pledges eyes opened wide. “NO!” she shouted more loudly than she intended, “We were best friends since elementary, and we even signed up for college together.” “Good,” Shelia smiled, “It’s time to get closer.” “Heather!” The smaller girl grabbed her friend’s arm as Shelia pointed the bench where the girls had been cropped. “It’s ok Becky,” the bigger girl comforted,色偷偷人人澡久久超碰97下载 “We promised we wouldn’t back out, no matter what.” Becky nodded and the two girls moved to the bench and got into position to be spanked without being told. “Good girls,” said Shelia as if she were speaking to her pet dog, “But I want one on her back so she can see the whip coming down on her friend’s ass.” Becky was more than happy to let her friend go first, and she flipped onto her back into a 69 position so she could see between the legs of Heather, past her pussy to her ass. “Now that you are in position,” Shelia nodded to the other members, and four of them quickly grabbed the girls and held them in place. The pledges didn’t react since they had seen this several times in the past few hours. “I forgot to mention,” Shelia said with a smile, “If you don’t get her off before we reach forty strokes, we start over at one.” Becky and Heather both gasped in fear and immediately began to object. Shelia ignored them both and sat the crop down on the table before picking up a long willowy cane. “Let’s get started, shall we?” Shelia brought the cane down hard on Heather’s ass only inches from Becky’s face, and they both screamed in unison. Without waiting, the cane whipped across the upturned ass, and a second angry red line appeared as Heather screamed again at the top of her lungs. When the third one landed, Heather was screaming at her friend to eat her pussy. She humped down as low as she could, trying to force herself into her friend’s mouth, and Becky reached up and began to lick the presented pussy. Shelia continued to cane Heather’s ass, but now, she backed off on hitting her so hard. The lines still appeared on the pledges ass, but they were easily bearable, and Heather could be heard moaning from the efforts of her friend below her. By the time Shelia reached forty strokes, Heather had come twice, and when they switched positions, they didn’t need to be told what to do or even held in position. Shelia took it easy on Becky and even looked a bit bored that that point. At twenty strokes, she turned over the cane to one of the other members and moved to where Diane was standing. Shelia stopped in front of her and studied the new pledge. Diane was breathing heavy, and her naked body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Her legs trembled slightly in anticipation, and along the inside of her thighs, a thick coat of pussy juice extended past her knees. Diane’s head was bowed and her hands behind her back as she waited to see what Shelia was going to make her do, but nothing happened. Once again, she was ignored as Shelia’s voice boomed somewhere behind her, indicating it was the other two girls turn on the bench. The last two girls already knew what was expected and went to work immediately on each other. The cane left marks but not so much as the first ones on Heather, and it didn’t take long for the room to grow void of slapping flesh and slurping tongues. Finally, it was Diane’s turn. “Now, my dear.” Shelia’s crop pushed up Diane’s chin until the girl was looking directly into her eyes. “It’s your turn, but I’m not sure we have a place for such a little slut like yourself,” Shelia turned her back and walked away almost causing Diane to panic. ‘No place for her!’ Diane thought. This was the perfect place for her! She resisted the urge to beg and simple stood as Shelia walked away. “Unless,” Shelia stopped walking and turned to look at the pouting girl, “Unless you would want to be our house bitch.” Diane’s heart fluttered, and she tried to agree but Shelia raised her hand and stopped her. “You would have to earn that position of course,” She said dismissively, “It would be much more demanding than just being a pledge. Do you think you could handle that?” Diane started to speak, but she thought better of it since they had been instructed not to and nodded instead. “Very good, little slut,” Shelia smiled, “You remembered to do as told. Get to the bench!” Diane hustled to the spanking bench and began to kneel on it but Shelia stopped her. “That’s not going to work, you don’t have a partner to eat your pussy. I guess you’ll have to eat your own.” Diane’s hands were tied behind her, and she was pushed to the floor in front of the bench in a modified headstand. The small of her back rested against the bench and her all her weight was on her shoulders that were flat on the floor. From her upside down position she was looking up at her own pussy and could see her juices were now beginning to make its way down her stomach. A couple of the members grabbed her legs and pushed them toward the floor making her wet slit move closer to her face. “All you have to do is get yourself off before I reach forty strokes,” Shelia hissed, “Or we start over.” Diane’s heart sank. There was no way she could get off with her hands tied behind her. The first stroke with the cane landed and the searing pain overwhelmed her body. Shelia brought the cane down full force again, and Diane screamed in both pain and pleasure as her juices began to flow steadily from her pussy and drip onto her face. Diane extended her tongue toward her pussy, but therewere still a few inches between them. ‘TWACK!’ Another stroke and Diane redoubled her efforts. She focused on her clit which was erect and getting closer to her tongue. ‘TWACK!’ Another stroke, and her ass was on fire from the cane. She begged the girls holding her to push harder, and the swollen bud moved a fraction closer. Now, she could feel the muscles in her back began to ache from the stretching they were receiving as Diane struggled to complete her task. ‘TWACK!’ She was vaguely aware of someone counting. Actually, she realized all the pledges were counting. She was gripped with fear when she heard the number. Thirty-one! The helpless girl stretched her tongue until it ached, but it was still an inch away from her goal and almost out of time. ‘Thwack!’ “Thirty-five!” the girls sang out in unison. Diane was out of time and knew she had to complete her goal. She stopped focusing on the cane and the pain and began to concentrate on relaxing the muscles in her back. Slowly, painfully, her clit began to move toward her outstretched tongue until they touched. It was all it took for Diane to cum. Her body convulsed and now her pussy sprayed in climax. ‘TWACK!’ “Forty,” the pledges counted. Diane’s face was covered in her own pussy juice, and she panted heavily as she tried to recover. Shelia was standing above her and smiling as the members let her fall to the floor in a pile. “Very good,” Shelia cooed, “I think we have a special place for you here.” Diane smiled as the warmth in her red ass spread throughout her body, and she closed her eyes contently. She was only partially aware of Shelia addressing the other girls as she lay on the floor. “Today was just the beginning. If you have any doubts about being loyal to this house, you should leave now and never come back.” The girls stood in line without speaking to show their acceptance. “Excellent,” Shelia said, “OK, ladies. They’re all yours!” A whoop went up from the other sorority members and the naked girls were practically attacked. Within seconds each pledge was licking the pussy of a member and getting spanked or fingered at the same time. The free for all would go well into the night, but Shelia walked away from the scene and picked up a collar and leash from the table.She beckoned for Diane to come to her, and the girl struggled to her feet and moved toward the table. When she was close enough, Shelia buckled the collar in place around her neck. Then she took the leash, but instead of clipping into the ring on the collar, it was attached to Diane’s left nipple ring. A hard tug resulted in a surprised yelp before she was led up the stairs away from what had become an all female orgy.They moved to a bedroom at the end of the hall, and Shelia dropped the leash before moving to a large armoire. When the doors were opened, Diane could see all manner of sex toys and torture implements. She shudder in a mini climax just looking at the inventory and imagined how it would feel to have all of them used on her. “I think you and I will get along just fine,” Shelia said, snapping Diane out of her trance. The sorority leader was stepping into a strap on harness with an impossibly large dildo attached to the front of it. Diane shuddered at the size, but she couldn’t look away. “Welcome,” Shelia said in a sly voice, “Welcome to our sorority, ETA PI.” Diane originally appeared in Owning a Dominant Bitch which you can find on this site by clicking my name at the top of the page.



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